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HueKit: Colors of Wetland Water 湿地:色彩的容器

A toolkit for you to better understand colors of wetland water in a more design and personal-experience-based way.

A project from Ada Hwang 黄舒凡 for Media Design Studio “Flumen”

HueKit brings up the question of how do we capture and understand colors of wetland water in a designer way, exploring and redefining the understanding of wetland water color through three dimensions: natural science knowledge, design, and individual-environment sampling. HueKit can be mainly divided into two parts: one part serves as a background introduction, consisting of a manual and a series of posters that introduce the readers to some of the factors that influence the apparent colors; the other part offers readers a way to sample and understand colors by “experiencing and observing the surrounding wetlands” through two interactive handbooks and a set of original tools and encourages readers to explore and record their own color observations.

As a set of printed paper-works focusing on wetland ecology, HueKit not only decomposes and illustrates the wetlands from my personal perspective, acting as an archive of the wetlands I know, but also allows everyone with the kit to understand and illustrate the unique colors of the wetlands around them. It is both a record and an extension of personal experience, as well as an exploration of a new method and design of the experience.



About the media adopted in this project

Color is intangible. Wetlands serve as a natural container for holding natural color. This set of printed materials also can be seen as a container for capturing, digging, and storing colors. This color toolkit uses paper print as the main medium, aiming to provide readers with an interesting interactive experience that engages readers, natural environments, and original printed materials (including an introduction booklet, interactive handbooks, sampling cards, Pantone cards, posters, crayons, etc.).

颜色是无形的,湿地作为盛放自然色彩的一枚天然容器,本套读物以印刷媒介呈现一套捕捉、挖掘、储存色彩的工具与容器。 这套色彩工具箱以纸质印物为主要媒介,旨在通过纸媒(包括介绍手册、互动手册、环境采样卡、色卡、海报、蜡笔等在内的一系列读物与自创工具)+读者+身边自然三合一的互动为读者提供一个有趣的体验。

About bio-region concept

The project is based on my(as the designer) experience and discovery of exploring two natural wetlands in my city during the studio. Focusing mainly on the color, I try to find a possible dialogue between humans and natural wetland water. While visiting and wandering in the natural wetlands, I gradually discovered that the color of the wetland water is like a natural code-book or a cross-section of the natural ecology system of the wetland. By adopting changing perspectives, while we are reading the colors, we are also uncovering and understanding the dynamic relationship between the natural ecological components(eg. plants and animals, microorganisms, and inorganic substances) of the wetland.
With the help of the HueKit, I would like to see readers perceive the colors of wetland water with a pair of new eyes, from an ecological way.


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