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Fly to wetland 湿地飞蝇

NFBs, the digital collection of Non-Fungible Bioregions, are to showcase the uniqueness of Shanghai bioregion and wetland biodiversity

A project by Si Keting 司柯亭, Zhou Yufei 周与非 and Zhou Aixuan 周艾璇 for Media Design Studio “Flumen”

We have created digital collections listed as NFBs to demonstrate the uniqueness of Shanghai’s ecoregions, wetland biodiversity.
NFTs are unique assets that prove ownership of physical or digital items, and the NFBs we designed are different from NFTs:
NFT 是证明物理或数字项目所有权的独特资产,而我们设计的NFBs与NFTs有着如下区别:

  • NFBs do not use blockchain cryptography, we are trying to find a partner, such as WWF.
  • The purpose is different. NFTs are financial commodities, but NFBs are for sale (money) to donate to the conservation of wetland diversity (we are trying to work with WWF’s NFA sale site)

We show the uniqueness of Shanghai as a bioregion through wetland flies, which we found to be an annoying image of infectious diseases in the city. However, in wetlands flies take on a completely different role: in wetlands, flies pollinate flowers and are also an important link in the food chain. Diverse flies also work together to form a huge gene pool. We looked up a number of papers studying the biodiversity of the Jiangwan wetlands and found that flies are a very important group of populations, and that the species diversity of flies can express the biodiversity of Shanghai’s wetlands. Flies show two roles in Shanghai’s wetland and city, so we decided to use a form similar to NFT to show the diversity of flies, through realistic hand-drawn pictures to reflect the characteristics of different flies, thus reflecting that Shanghai is not only a city, but also a bioregion.

As the output part, we extracted 9 species of flies from different genera from the huge population of flies, and we focused on detailed portrayal of different flies’ wings, patterns and other detailed features.

Frame 39

We have also created a website that will display the more detailed characteristics of these 9 species of flies for the purpose of popularizing them to the general public and selling them as a digital collection, after selling the user will get the ownership of the NFB and we will donate the money to the Shanghai Wetland Park.


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